Rebooting my Quilting

Fall arrives tomorrow. Must be time to reboot my quilting, too! It has been a busy summer of travel and sewing. I have been making good progress all summer on BOM appliqué blocks, even getting four of them into a wall hanging top:


Before I can make a second and third top, I have to finish the rest of the blocks.


Tender Sweet Peas turned out to be a super fun block. This makes nine blocks done, three to go…but it also means a lot of prep work to get the next block to the stitching stage. Not really excited to get onto that project yet. But soon…

I  also finished the Westering Women Sampler which I began back in 2016 as a BOM with Barbara Brackman.


After big stitch quilting it and finishing off the binding just before leaving for a long trip to Ireland and England at the end of August, I came home to uncertainty as to what would be my next project or projects. I felt like I was at loose ends. ( FYI,  this quilt will be exhibited next weekend at the Boise Basin Quilt Show).

Ireland and England were amazing. We walked tons and experienced so many wonderful places, activities, and great meals. This was one our best trips ever. But I came home with a nasty cold.

As I have cast around my sewing room this week, taking stock of projects and their perceived priority, it occurred to me that one of the projects that has really been bugging me is a BOM for this year, Barbara Brackman’s “Antebellum Album quilt. It started with so much promise last January. She had chosen the block that my 3rd great-grandmother had used in her quilt:


Feathered circle on Harrison Quilt – 1850

I have referred to this block as the Harrison block – one of it’s many names. The BOM used the name “Wandering Lover”, based on it’s published name in Heath and Home (1895). Anyway, I drafted it out to be an eight-inch finished block and used a yucky green and muslin to whip up my block.


Then, as new blocks were released, I made them, until I realized that my color selections for the subsequent blocks were not compatible with my January offering.


Yesterday, I finally put on my brave face and replaced my January offering with a replacement:


I am so much happier with this color choice for this particular block for this particular quilt. Now, to tackle the blocks I haven’t completed for the summer months to catch up with the rest of Barbara’s followers.

Enjoy your fall! I am hoping for some nice days to quilt out on my decks.

Billie, a Barefootin’ Quilter



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I am a quilter now that I have retired from teaching kindergarten.
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2 Responses to Rebooting my Quilting

  1. Cheryl Bell says:

    Billie, love all the blocks but the sweet pea block is my favorite!


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