Working on U(n) F(inished) O(bjects)s

Spring is in full swing here – warm days then cool nights. We are busy all the time now with outdoor chores and building projects. I am grateful for the new pergola over the sewing room deck:

31948577_10211318161926380_3821541121205469184_n  31958110_10211318299169811_1773038228652163072_n

There is still painting to be completed. I get a little done each day in the mornings. The afternoon weather patterns are unpredictable right now – as in thunderstorms (like today) or heat or winds.

But I am looking forward to moving my quilting hoop out here this summer! And, when it is too hot for sitting under a quilt, I can use this lovely space for reading or handwork.

So, my afternoons are devoted moving forward on some of those handwork UFOs. I pulled out one of my “Simply Delicious!” appliqué blocks yesterday and have committed to finishing it by the end of May. 


This is an interesting, challenging quilt. The patterns and fabric were offered by Keepsake Quilting Company in 2002 and I purchased them all.I have completed six of the twelve blocks:


I have a ways to go:


Each appliqué block came with fabric, a full-sized pattern, and advice. There was an additional background and finishing packet.


The directions give you the processes to create your own templates and plastic placement overlay.  The directions also instruct you to wash all your fabrics…I am so sad that I did not follow that advice. Oh, well…onward and forward to finishing this long awaited quilt!! The patterns are still available at:

I am so glad that I have taken several appliqué workshops and classes since I ordered this BOM, including one by co-designer of the blocks, Becky Goldsmith. If you choose to tackle these blocks or the whole quilt, get her book or, better yet, take an appliqué class by her.


Billie,,,,,,,,,,A Barefootin’ Quilter






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