Moving from winter to spring

The wind has been stiff and persistent today. You would think I would be sewing lots and finishing projects. However, I only sewed for half an hour. I am reproducing “Wandering Lovers” blocks which were used in our Freeman family ancestral quilt in 1850:


Barbara Brackman, imminent quilt historian and quilt enthusiaist,  chose this block to be the first block in her BOM for Civil War Blocks 2018, Antebellum Album Block of the Month :

I have made the first three month’s blocks:

January: Wandering Lovers


February: Lend and Borrow


March: Friendship Block


The BOM blocks have directions for cutting and sewing on the website for 12″ and 6″ blocks. I chose to make 8″ finished blocks for the BOM sampler. My great-grandmother, Lucinda Dunham Freeman, made her blocks 7 1/8″ for the finished size.

Her quilt is stunning. Her blocks are exact; her quilting complete…even as she finished on the evening of the birth of her child, Westley Prescott, my great-grandfather, on September 26, 1850.

I have decided to make mini quilts for Freeman descendent’s who wish to own a copy of  a quilt that was made by their ancestor. The quilt is in terrible shape. It was washed and used and loved. It was made with love and continues to be loved almost 200 years later.


a sawtooth pieced border with a Durham quilted feather design



On a hand-turned spool bed



Feathered circle

I am using icky green reproduction fabrics for the mini quilts.

A long but meaningful project.


About travel4wine2013

I am a quilter now that I have retired from teaching kindergarten.
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