Second UFO of 2018

I have rediscovered sampler quilts after so very many years of quilting. My first sampler was an Elenore Burns quilt. This quilt belongs to my sister now.

Scan_20180222 (3)

So, I do not have a date on this photo. I do know this was displayed at the Syringa Quilter’s Show in Greenleaf, Idaho. I do know the class was held at the Cloth Merchants in Caldwell, ID and I do know I hand quilted it – using the “quilt as you go” method and it is the only time I have ever used that method.

Scan_20180222 (2)

Maybe, Paula, you could add an image of the label in the comments to finish documenting this quilt?

Lisa must have been in kindergarten or first grade?

Fast forward to today………….


It snowed and I am working on the hand quilting process of my Westering Women sampler:

This was an on-line 2016 series of history lessons and patterns provided by Barbara Brackman.   (She still has all her original patterns and historical notes posted for free as well as the whole year’s experience available to purchase on her Esty site.)


So, I am big stitching this fun quilt. I chose to use an overall quilting pattern called “Baptist Fan”, Perle cotton thread #12 – variegated red.  Here is my template and here are my tools for the project.

When I get to the borders, I am planning to create a cable or rope pattern. So, I will post again about this quilt when I get to that part of the process!

Billie, a Barefootin’ (but wearing heavy socks today) Quilter.

About travel4wine2013

I am a quilter now that I have retired from teaching kindergarten.
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1 Response to Second UFO of 2018

  1. Paula Gomez says:

    Hi Sister!  The quilt has been safely packed away awaiting a move to a new home.  I can’t get to the box right now but as soon as we move I will gladly provide the information that you need. 

    Love the snow picture! XOXOX


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