Working on UFO’s….trying to become a finisher

I am ready to begin writing, again, about quilting. It was a super busy 2017. So glad it is over and 2018 is here….oh, wait…that happened 6 weeks ago! Winter has been mild here in Idaho but has returned this week with cold, blustery winds and snow showers. Steve and I took two weeks plus off from Idaho’s winter to bask in the warm, California sun this January, but we are back and facing winter, again. Steve came home with a nasty cold….I came back to finish projects.

Project A: Celebrating January

In November, 2013, Steve and I went to Thanksgiving in New York to be with my 35 year old son, Griff, and his sweet, sweet family. Griff was fighting peritoneal mesothelioma but not successfully and on the downhill side towards death. My heart was breaking…… but we were together for Thanksgiving and we were enjoying exploring New York City and the grand girls.


On this trip, I bought myself an embroidery machine. About a year later, I made 16 star flake squares that did nothing for me because I set them in 8″ blocks, 4 x 4  – the most boring top I have ever seen. I didn’t even take a picture because it was so boring!!

Griff died February 2nd….I was there, with his beautiful wife, Kate, and my other children – Andy and Lisa. It was an honor to bring him into the world and an honor to release him back to God. It was devastating and complete. It was the circle of life.

I pulled it out January 1st this year and tried again, rethinking the top – add some snowball effects and turning everything on point:


It got better as the snow fell and the right fabric was added for setting triangles:


Then, I got crazy and added metallic silver opalescent machine quilting and binding that is the same fabric as the setting triangles.  I am very happy with the result!! I am going to really enjoy this wall quilt next year! (Picture will be published here soon!!)

Billie, a Barefootin’ Quilter

February 19, 2018


About travel4wine2013

I am a quilter now that I have retired from teaching kindergarten.
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1 Response to Working on UFO’s….trying to become a finisher

  1. It does look like snowflakes falling! It’s beautuful.


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