A New Month, a Fresh Season, and a New Scrap Project

My goodness, this year is flying by fast.  Autumn is here – it is sunny, but breezy and cool today, with a chance of rain –  and time for a new project. Well, a new, scrappy project. My big bins of scraps have finally been sorted into baskets. I surprised myself by finding the time and energy to accomplish this task this week:


It took several days but it has really improved my attitude toward my quilting room. And I found so many treasures, including a whole bunch of 2″ squares which were originally destined for a watercolor-type quilt top…but I am over that idea.

So, what to make?

I searched among my books and saved articles and found a delightful scrap quilt pattern called Fourplay (Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts: Patterns Inspired by Antique Quilts by Mary Elizabeth Kinch and Biz Storms – 2012/That Patchwork Place)

The pattern was written for 1 -inch squares, but cutting down the 2-inch squares into smaller pieces seemed to me to be an exercise in futility; so I re-sized the pattern to make due with what I already had on hand. I also experimented with the sashing sizes to see what appealed to my eye:

The 3/4-inch, finished. sashing won the day.

This unit is 7 1/4-inches unfinished and will finish out at 6 3/4-inches . Nothing standard about this top!

I am thinking my 2-inch scraps will run out after creating nine large squares.  I probably will have to do some more cutting even. The author noted, in her commentary, that “the sashing is in charge” of the overall success of these scrappy units and blocks, and I am agreeing with her wholeheartedly! I am using her notes extensively for construction, even though I have adjusted the block units and finished blocks to fit my scrap sizes.

We will see about the cornerstones and sashing sizes after the large squares are completed.

Lots of sorting and sewing block machine time in my future. A good start on a long-term project.

What projects are you doing this fall?

About travel4wine2013

I am a quilter now that I have retired from teaching kindergarten.
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