2017 ~ The year those UFO’s leave my sewing room

I love the idea of getting projects done ~~~~ I am not really good at it, but I love the idea. So, this is the year I am getting some support from one of my local quilt shops.

We are so fortunate here in the Treasure Valley to have many shops dedicated to the art of quilting. One is in the next town over, The Bluebird Quilt Studio. Here is their idea to help people like me:

NEW IDEA FOR YOUR NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS! [announced on their Facebook Page]
Our challenge for 2017 is for you to finish 12 UFO’s. This does not mean to start a new project, unless it is a kit that has been on the shelf since, maybe 2002. It does not mean to finish a class that you are currently taking. It DOES mean to quilt some tops that are stacked in your closet. It does mean to put those Skillbuilder Blocks from 2013 together in a design you are happy with. It does mean to finish the blocks that you started for Farmer’s Wife. What was that Little Twister quilt that Diana helped you start in 2014? How many Patchability wallhangings did you finish? Did you ever complete the Kimberbelle Bench Pillow? How old is that baby that you started a quilt for before she was born? Are you wearing your Layered Waves jacket? I THINK YOU GET THE IDEA!

Pick 12 that you really want to finish in 2017. Maybe the quilt just needs a border. Maybe it just needs to be quilted. Maybe you only have one UFO. The blocks are finished, how will you set them? Maybe you need to take a longarm class and start quilting some of your tops. That is exactly what our 2017 Challenge is all about.

Register for our Challenge, pick up our challenge card, and let’s get started. We have perks planned for our participants, mini celebrations, show and tell, workshops, and big celebrations. It is all about you in 2017.

Share your completed UFO’s each month, receive perks for your accomplishments.
Requirements—Make a list of 12 projects, fill out the participation card, finish the projects on the card. (one per month) Bring in your project and your participation card to get it stamped. Earn raffle tickets along the way for the big end of the year party. If you miss a month, we are sorry but you won’t be eligible for that month’s perk [f]or that month’s stamp. In December, your stamped participation card will make you eligible for more rewards. Even if you only finish one UFO, a finished project is an accomplishment worth celebrating.

We hope our 2017 Challenge is just the motivation you need. We are looking forward to helping you accomplish your goals.

Give us a call to register or ask questions about this fun new motivational idea!


So my January UFO resolution is to finish machine quilting, bind and label a little wallhanging that has been populating my sewing room since the 90’s. The blocks were collected through an internet exchange I joined back in the 80’s – back then, we used listservs and email only, so no pictures or graphics. The blocks were paper pieced by women from several countries – South Africa, England, and America (as I recall – it has been a while) are represented in my little wallhanging. It is half quilted and has been since 1999. I am committed to finishing this one project before January 31, 2017!!


What are you working on this fine January day?

The Barefoot Quilt – wearing warm slippers today! (currently, 13 degrees outside)



About travel4wine2013

I am a quilter now that I have retired from teaching kindergarten.
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