How about some cross-hatching to start the New Year

Happy New Year! Happy to be back at my quilting frame. I have had my Mom’s Iris quilt on the frame for two and a half years now and it is my priority quilting project for 2016.


Because I have been away from the frame for two months (at least!), my body is not in the groove of the frame….I limited my time today to an hour and a half; I was able to get a bit done on the purple flower on the right-hand side of the quilt.

I am using an outline stitch around and inside her beautiful embroidery. Then I am cross-hatching the background of the white squares. Cross-hatching is a traditional, go-to filler pattern and an easy choice for a quilt like my Mom’s. I begin by measuring the edge of each side of the quilt block I am currently working on, marking the mid-point with my trusty #2 pencil.

These are the only marks I make on the white blocks.

Here is where I use one of my favorite quilting tools ~ painter’s tape.  It has less adhesive than masking tape; it comes in 1-inch rolls, if you hunt around for it at standard paint stores [Note – the big box lumber stores I shop at no longer carry this size tape. I take a ruler with me when I shop for tape anymore. When I can’t find the one-inch tape, I will buy wider tape and then cut it into one-inch strips, using my quilting rulers and an old rotary blade in my rotary cutter].

Using my tiny pencil marks to line up my painter’s tape, I start quilting, following the edge of the tape. I try not stretch my arms too far so I can save my shoulders for another day of quilting.

Just keep moving the tape, lining it up with the last line you stitched until it no longer sticks on the fabric.  [I have been known to unstitch a line of cross-hatching if I find I did not line up accurately with the previous line of stitching.]


The cross-hatching begins when you stitch across your first lines of stitching.


A quilting choice that I made a month ago for this quilt is to wait and stitch the machine embroidered flower rectangles in a lap hoop after I finish the main portions of the quilt. These are a bear to needle, due to many layers of fabric and stabilizer, and the thought of quilting them in the frame just depressed me. They kept me from sitting down to quilt at the frame at all. So, I have put these areas off until later.

Going to organize my sewing room and write some Christmas cards this afternoon before going to a Board meeting at the College.

Quilt on, friends!!



About travel4wine2013

I am a quilter now that I have retired from teaching kindergarten.
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