Angles and Squares – Steve’s Christmas Quilt


Merry Christmas, dear readers! And a Merry Christmas to my dear husband, Steve Smith!!! Guess what Santa brought him?!!! Of course, a new quilt!!!!

And of course, it wasn’t done by the 25th. He got to unwrap the basted sandwich version of his quilt but he didn’t mind. He was, and still is, thrilled to have his very own quilt….a first for him!!!

I started piecing the squares after finding a picture of a top that I thought he would love in Roberta Horton’s book, Plaids and Stripes: The Use of Directional Fabric in Quilts (1990: C&T Publishing). pg. 70.

I drafted my “8 block on graph paper then started cutting out pieces from fat quarters and scrapes of plaids, stripes and mountain related prints which I have collected and kept in my stash over the years for just such a project. Math became an issue when I realized I had cut many of my large triangles too small and ended up squaring up my blocks to be 8″ unfinished – 7.5″ finished. (The book has template for a finished 6” block).  Then I needed to figure out how many blocks I would need to make as well as how many half blocks to make, so I also drew up a blueprint of my top with borders.

I was so glad that I had a weekend retreat to build the top in October. It really was a fabulous feeling to have a completed, pieced top done in such a short time and it was still a mystery to Steve!!!!


The borders went on the week of Christmas and I spent several days basting the quilt sandwich together on the floor of my sewing room. Crawling around on the floor turned out to be good for me — it really loosened up my knees!!!I am now quilting it and having a grand time of it. It took a bit of thinking to decide what design I would use so I did some previewing of designs before making my decision. Here are my preview supplies:

  • a dry erase marker
  • a length of clear plastic yardage (I got mine at JoAnn’s in the upholstery section)
  • a cardboard tube
  • a rubber band
  • tissues or a clean rag


I laid the clear plastic over my quilt top and tried out various ideas by drawing them with the dry erase pen.


The marks come off clean when wiped with a tissue or clean rag. If left to dry on the plastic, water will remove them, also. Once cleaned, I store the plastic for future use on the cardboard tube.


I decided to do spirals in a free hand way. My quilting supplies include:

  • embroidery needles (Colonial Needles in a Big Stitch package selected by Pepper Cory)
  • Perle cotton thread #12
  • empty pill bottles
  • a 14″ hoop
  • thimble
  • finger glove grips
  • embroidery scissors


I use the pill bottles to carry around my thread. I poke a hole in the top to dispense my thread easily — never have to look for the end and it doesn’t roll away from me! I use a tooth pick to thread the perle cotton through the hole in the lid.

DSC01284 DSC01285

I love the way it is project is quilting up!!! And it is so much fun to use a larger stitch and thread!!!



Bring on winter!!! I will be quilting!!! Merry Christmas all!!!

Billie, the Barefootin’ Quilter

About travel4wine2013

I am a quilter now that I have retired from teaching kindergarten.
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2 Responses to Angles and Squares – Steve’s Christmas Quilt

  1. Not only a beautiful quilt, but so full of love. What a brilliant idea, or two of them – the plastic quilting “template” and the pill bottle for a thread-keeper. Happy New Year !

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