Enjoying my SQD

My name is Billie and I suffer from SQD. I first experienced the symptoms of Seasonal Quilter’s Disorder sometime in the ’70’s when I started buying crafts, books and magazines related to the season of the year. It only really turned into a full blown case of SQD when I became a “real” quilter in the late 1980’s. One day soon, I post my UFO’s here that are dedicated just to seasons and holidays as part of my therapy.

I have never been very good at planning and preparing for the next season. I am pretty much a now sort of gal. So the Fourth of July is just about upon us and I am fixated on all things red, white and blue!


Just received  this nice top that I purchased on EBay. I even have a plan about quilting it!


But I also pulled out this lovely group of reproduction fabrics and other stash fabrics that are just begging to be put into a 4th of July quilt. And then I looked through my books, patterns and magazines and found this…..


and I have started!!!


lots of little pieces in each block




but the hand piecing is fun and I think the outcome will be very rewarding.



About travel4wine2013

I am a quilter now that I have retired from teaching kindergarten.
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2 Responses to Enjoying my SQD

  1. SQD – you are so clever….and talented ! I like the SQD “diagnosis” – but I need to find a tag for my knitting/fiber addiction too. Your red, white & blue top is very charming and old fashioned looking, I like that. It calls out to be used for something quite fun. I need to get back to quilting one of these days too…. Enjoy your summer !


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