The Saga of the Brown Eight Pointed Quilt – part 1

Brown quilt magazine picture 2 Brown quilt magazine picture

It began with magazine pictures (Patchwork Quilts:ca. 1988-1989) .  I saved back in the 80’s when I was teaching myself how to quilt and just had found other quilters here in Canyon County to join and learn  from; they were so kind to let me ask a million dumb questions! I do not know why I was so drawn to a plate of brown and the eight-pointed star pattern but it truly left an impression on me.

My quilting friend, Faye Reed, taught me how to construct the squares either at Syringa Quilters or the Evening Bags meetings. Friends in both these groups contributed prints to the project I created a template from Mylar plastic to trace the diamonds and squares onto my base off-white fabric and the brown prints, cut everything out with scissors or my rotary cutter depending on my mood. Then I put pieces parts for each square into baggies and carried them everywhere for handwork. I know I stitched in doctor’s offices, on airplanes before the ban on scissors, car trips, vacations in the mountains and at resorts, and in front of the television on winter nights.

I did have trouble with the base fabric as it had some polyester in it. It frayed when over-handled.

About three years ago, I decided enough was enough and started setting the blocks. And I will write about that experience soon.

Billie ~ travel4wine girl

About travel4wine2013

I am a quilter now that I have retired from teaching kindergarten.
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