Hello, friends. I am beginning my place to share about everyday joys in life. It is “Fix It Friday” at the Farley-Smith house and I have chosen my falling apart corduroy quilt as my project today. You all know I have five or more other quilting projects out in the Sewing Room – the Brown Eight Pointed Star quilt in the hoop, my Mom’s Iris Quilt in the frame, the grapevine applique borders in the traveling basket, the Farmer’s Wife 6 inch squares on the design wall and the many Christmas projects waiting next to the sewing machine. Plus, at some point, I need to really begin figuring out the Brother’s embroidery machine so the quilts that are running around in my head will be able to exit and become real.

But it is Fit It Friday…a day to repair and restore a treasured and comforting friend. Inspired by quilter, Tim Latimer (https://www.facebook.com/tim.latimer.125?hc_location=stream), I hope to quilt this everyday throw that my Grandmother Vera Frownfelter made for me when I moved to Idaho to attend The College of Idaho in 1970. The black dye has destroyed some of the fabric, so my plan of attack is to disassemble the throw, clean out the dirt, insert new fabric and repair other seams, reassemble and then hand quilt.


This will be a many Fridays fix it project! Wish me luck!!!



About travel4wine2013

I am a quilter now that I have retired from teaching kindergarten.
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